Voice from one of our Brazil Customers

Dear Customers,

Thanks for your supporting!

These days our ebay store have stopped to sell goods to Brazil,because of so many Brazil customers complaint the shipping time is so long,(by HK POST,CHINA POST 25-50 days),for our Brazil buyers,you can buy it from our online store.http://www.yoosmart.com  

One of our Brazil customer told us why goods dispatched to Brazil are so slow:

"When buying from China and HK, and also from US (yes!) : China Post may take a week or two to send the merchandise to Brazil. Sometimes a couple of days ! But then yhe goods will arrive in brazilian customs, probably in the city of Curitiba or São Paulo.  And there´s the real problem : Customs in Curitiba may take weeks or even more than 60 days to inspect the goods and liberate it from there so Brazilian Post can deliver it to  its final destination. São Paulo is quicker, say 30-45 days, and Rio de Janeiro is faster : 30 days at most. Goods coming from US to Rio are treated at Rio customs facility. Goods coming from China to Rio always fall in Curitiba or at best in São Paulo. So the trouble is not China Post or Brazilian Post. The trouble lies in Curitiba or São Paulo customs facilities. And that´s why your customers in Brazil complaint sometimes, they don´t know that. "
We suggest our Brazil to choose Singapre EMS,HK EMS,it will be faster,15 work days. You can contact us for choosing these way,the shipping cost will be much cheaper than by DHL.

To be honest,items from China to Russia,Chile,Argentina,Italy,France,Spain by Hongkong,China Post also have the same problem.