PowMr HHJ-60A 60AMP MPPT Solar Charge Controller

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PowMr 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V 36V 48V Auto Solar Regulator with LCD Display MPPT-60A

  • Brand: PowMr
  • Product Name: HHJ-60A 48v solar charge controller
  • 100% mppt charge controller Intelligent, Max efficiency ≥98.1%, PV utilization ≥99%
  • Built-in DSP controller with high performance automatic battery voltage detection 12V/24V/36V/48V
  • Battery options: Lithium, Lifepo4, Li(NiCoMn)O2), Vented, Flooded, Sealed, Gel, NiCd battery.
  • Dynamic large icon display PV and Battery status,working mode: Night mode, no charging, MPPT mode, Absorption mode, Floating mode and troubleshooting prompts.
  • TROUBLESHOOTING function and LCD display and can help users not only check the whole system operating data and statuses but also quickly identify system faults and modify parameters.
  • Blacklight LCD Dispaly PV voltage/output power/Battery voltage/charging current/working mode/Temperature
  • User programmable for absorption voltage/Floating voltage/Low voltage disconnect./Load Timer. Real-time energy recording.
  • Intelligence Fan-on temperature >45℃ and off < 40℃,Porous heat dissipation.and fan use BEARING technologies increase life UP TO 5000hrs in normal use.
  • Large four big button, easy to use, more conveniently.

HHJ-60A solar charge regulator Warming tips: Make sure the Voc of PV meeting the requirement as right. Voc is 1.5 times of Battery voltage will be the best efficiency.


  • Charging 3-stage: constant current(mppt charger), constant voltage(Absorption Voltage), floating charge Selectable battery type Vented / Sealed / Gel / NiCd / Lithium battery (default is Sealed) (defined voltage for other battery by user)
  • Soft start time ≤1S, Dynamic response and recovery time 100us
  • Max efficiency ≥98.1%, PV utilization ≥99%
  • In order to reduce the cost of electricity caused by high current, PV and battery each have two terminals
  • Short-circuting
  • Reverse-current
  • Overcharging protection
  • Overload protection
  • Over-discharging protection
  • Reverse polarity protection


  1. Always connect battery first!!! Make sure enough batteries’ voltage let controller recognize the right system voltage.
  2. DO NOT connect any Inverter/ wind/ Alternator or Charger into the charge controller! connect the Inverter directly to the battery
  3. Ensures solar input voltage higher 3V or more than batteries’ voltage and total input power in the range. if input power is too low for max input power, it may be appears to have been discontinued., the charging current almost be zero when controller is floating charge.
  4. Parameter Setting Rules:Floating voltage > Low voltage reconnect > Low voltage discharge.
  5. The solar controller will stop output when the battery under 10.7V. The LCD will be blank when the battery under 8V and it will re-output when the battery up to the 12.6V (adjustable).
  6. Install the Charger controller to the battery as close as possible. Tighten the wire.
  7. When controller makes buzzing sound because of It's working hard to dissipate heat for your controller. Rest your heart, it will be stop when temperature return to normal.
  8. Remove all the debris around the controller ( leaving a space of approx. 5.91in ).


Input specification:

12V system: DC20V~DC80V
24V system: DC37V~DC105V
36V system: DC50V~DC160V
48V system: DC72V~DC160V

The maximum PV input voltage (Voc): DC190V
(The controller can’t work at this voltage of long duration that will break controller. Please refer to Input voltage from PV.)

The maximum PV input power
(The total power rated of PV can’t be over this watt that will break the controller.)
12V system (720W) ;
24V system (1440W) ;
36V system (2100W);
48V system (2800W) 60 amp mppt charge controller ;

Output specification

Overcharging protection voltage:
12V system (15V);
24V system (30V);
36V system (45V);
48V system (60V);

Package including:

1XMPPT Solar Charge Controller
1XEnglish Manual

Q & A:

Question: Does this unit have protection from power being input from alternate source on the output from this solar charge controller?
Answer: This Controller MULTIPLE ELECTRONIC PROTECTIONS:Short-circuting,Reverse current,Overcharging,Overload,Over-discharging,Reverse polarity protection

Question: Could i use 110v battery charger on battery with battery connected to charge controller?
Answer: Hi dear customer,Best not to use at the same time

Question: Is this unit wifi compatible?
Answer: Hi dear customer, sorry, this controller is not wifi compatible.

Question: If batteries wired 12v, does that mean pure sine wave inverter will accept 720watts from this charge controller? And if batteries are 24v, then 1440w?
Answer: Hi dear customer,The inverter will not receive power from the solar panel, and the controller will supply power to the battery. Most of this power enters the battery and will not be directly supplied to the inverter.

Question: Can you charge AGM battery with it?
Answer: Hi dear customer, yes, this controller can charge AGM battery.

Question: with this, i can charge 12.8V lifepo4 with 57V solar panels? panels batteries don't have to match voltage, correct?
Answer: YES.

Question: Can the overcharge protection voltage be customized? For example, can the overcharge protection voltage for a 12V system be made lower than 15V?
Answer: HI dear customer,Is not possible because this parameter is the default, But our controller is connected to a 12V battery, the overcharge protection voltage is lower than 15V

Models MPPT-30A MPPT-40A MPPT-50A MPPT-60A
Charging Model 3-stage: Constant Current(MPPT), Constant Voltage, Floating
MAX PV Input Power 12V System 360W 480W 600W 720W
24V System 720W 960W 1200V 1440W
36V System 1080W 1400W 1800W 2100W
48V System 1440W 1700W 2200W 2800W
Input Specification DC 12V System DC 20V-80V 20V-80V 20V-80V 20V-80V
24V System DC 37V-105V 37V-105V 37V-105V 37V-105V
36V System DC 50V-160V 50V-160V 50V-160V 50V-160V
48V System DC 72V-160V 72V-160V 72V-160V 72V-160V
Battery Voltage Automatic Recognition: 12V Battery DC 9V - DC 15V
Battery Voltage Automatic Recognition: 24V Battery DC 18V - DC 29V
Battery Voltage Automatic Recognition: 36V Battery DC 30V - DC 39V
Battery Voltage Automatic Recognition: 48V Battery DC 40V - DC 60V
Overcharging Protection Voltage 15V 30V 45V 60V
Limited Current Protection 31A 42A 51A 61A
Max Efficiency ≥98.1%
PV Utilization ≥99%
Protection Function
Temperature Protection 75℃
Fan-On Temperature >45℃
Fan-Off Temperature <40℃
Size(mm) 214×115×50
Net Weight(Kg) 1.1
Gross Weight(Kg) 1.2
Electromagnetic Compatibility Accord To EN61000, EN55022, EN55024
Enclosure IP21
Environmental Temperature -20℃~+55℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+75℃

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