PowMr 5000 Watt Solar Hybrid Inverter 48V DC to 110V AC, All in One Off Grid 5000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger with 80A MPPT Controller, Max 500V PV Input, for 48V Lead Acid/ Lithium Batteries

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solar inverter

The 110V solar inverter is a new all-in-one hybrid mppt charge inverter, which integrates solar energy storage &means charging energy storage and AC sine wave output.

It is a 48V 5kVA New All-in-One Hybrid Mppt Inverter with 500VDC 6kW PV input. Produces a perfect sine wave, able to supply high powered appliances. It is supplied by a bi-directional DC-DC converter, that can either charge the battery when excess solar power is available or convert from the battery when it is needed.

Can be accessed to a variety of household appliances and office loads, power tools, industrial equipment, and electronic audio and video equipment, including refrigerators, lamps, televisions, fans, air conditioning and other AC loads



  1. Full digital voltage and current double closed loop control, advanced SPWM technology, output of pure sine wave.
  2. Lithium battery activation by PV solar or mains, allowing access of lead-acid battery and lithium battery.
  3. Two output modes: mains bypass and inverter output; uninterrupted power supply.
  4. Available in 4 charging modes: Only Solar, Utility Priority, PV Priority, Utility & Solar hybrid charging, and two output modes are available, i.e. Inverter and Mains, to meet different application requirements.
  5. Advanced MPPT technology with an efficiency of 99.9%.
  6. Designed with a LCD screen and 3 LED indicators for dynamic display of system data and operating status.
  7. Power saving mode available to reduce no-load loss.
  8. Intelligent variable speed fan to efficiently dissipate heat and extend system life.
  9. ON/OFF rocker switch for AC output control.
  10. Complete protections, including short circuit protection, over voltage and under voltage protection, overload protection, reverse protection, etc.



AC ( Utility/Grid)Mode:


  • Rated input voltage:110/120Vac
  • Max.AC Charge Current: 40A
  • Input voltage range: (90Vac-140Vac) ±2%
  • Frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz (Auto detection)
  • Frequency Range: 47±0.3Hz ~ 55±0.3Hz (50Hz); 57±0.3Hz ~ 65±0.3Hz (60Hz);
  • Overload/short circuit protection:Circuit breaker
  • Efficiency : >95%
  • Conversion time (Bypass and reverse): 10ms
  • Reverse Flow Protection: Yes
  • Max Bypass Current load: 63A


PV (Solar) Charging

Max.PV open circuit voltage 500Vdc
PV operating voltage range 120-450Vdc
MPPT voltage Range 120-450Vdc
Max. PV Input Power 6000W
Max.PV Input Current 16A
Max.PV output power 5000W
Max. PV Charging Current 80A
Hybrid Charger Max Current 80A (AC Charger+PV Charger )
Operating temperature range -15°C to 55°C
Certifications CE(IEC62109), RoHS, EN61000
Weight 25.6 lbs /11.6kg
Heat dissipation Forced air cooling, variable speed of fan
PV Wring 10AWG
AC Input/Output Wiring 7AWG
Battery Wiring 2AWG
Size (L*W*D) 16.8*12.7*4.9 in / 426*322*124 mm

Battery Four Charging Mode:


  • CSO: Solar energy will charge battery as priority. Utility will charge battery only when solar energy is not available.
  • CUB: Utility will charge battery as priority. Solar energy will charge battery only when utility power is not available.
  • SNU (Default): Solar energy and utility will charge battery at the same time.
  • OSO: Solar energy will be the only charging source even if utility is available.


Three Load Working Mode:


  • SOL: Solar energy provides power to the loads as priority, then Battery, then Utility AC power.
  • UTI(Default): Utility will provide power to the loads as priority, then Solar and Battery power.
  • SBU: Battery power load first, then Utility.


NOTE 1: This is a wide voltage Hybrid inverter, The voltage that starts to connect to the solar panel must be above 120V for the Hybrid inverter to work normally.

This off grid solar inverter all-in-one does not support parallel operation, and does not support phase separation!

5000W 48V

AC Output Wiring NOTE:


  • Only the Live and Neutral wires will be connected to the Output Terminal Block, the Ground will be connected to the screw terminal.
  • Make sure any circuit breakers are disconnected and ensure the unit is in the off position.
  • AC Output should NEVER be connected to public power/utility or a generator.
  • There are two terminal blocks with “IN” and “OUT” markings. Please do NOT misconnect input and output connectors.




  1. Never install the all-in-one solar charge inverter and lead-acid battery in the same confined space! Also do not install in a confined place where battery gas may collect.
  2. Ensure that there is enough air flowing through the heat sink, and space of at least 200m to the left and right air outlets of the inverter shall be left to ensure natural convection heat dissipation.
  3. This 5000W Solar Inverter is suitable for 48V battery banks systems ONLY!
  4. For PV to charge 48V battery banks, you will need a minimum PV Voc voltage of 120VDC.
  5. The bluetooth module has been discontinued, and the wifi module needs to be purchased separately!
  6. Does not support parallel!!



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