EPever Parallel Adapter TracerAN 50A-100A PAL-ADP-50AN RS485

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The PAL-ADP-50AN is a parallel adapter for adjusting the charging current of multiple controllers connected to the battery in parallel, which also monitors the charging and operational status in real-time. The adapter automatically changes the charging and operational status of the controllers according to the battery level to prolong the controller lifetime.

  • Achieve the consistency of parameters for multiple controllers
  • Equalize charging feature to smart control the charging current of each controller 
  • Monitor the working status and smart control the operation quantity of the controller 
  • Up to 6 controllers are supported 
  • Standard Modbus communication protocol and related PC Monitoring Software 
  • The 1-click setting for baud rate switch between 9600 and 115200 
  • LED indicator for operational status


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