What Size Solar Panel to Charge a 12v Battery

by John Doe
Whenever you've purchased your solar panels, your best course of action ought to be to procure batteries. Getting batteries will assist you with putting away all the sun based energy bridled by your boards. Accordingly, you will have power reinforcement in any event, when there is a blackout should your framework be attached to a network.

You can even utilize your 12V battery for your RV or lodge. You might be considering what size solar panels to charge a 12v battery. To respond to this and get the best boards for your battery, we'll start from the top.

The Logic Behind Deep Cycle Batteries

In case you're off the lattice or have a battery reinforcement for your boards, utilize deep cycle batteries. The main comparability between deep cycle batteries and your vehicle batteries is the shape. In contrast to vehicle batteries, which give energy to a brief time frame, deep cycle ones continue to release energy over and again.

The excellence of deep cycle batteries is that you can utilize around 80% limit without serious harm. For example, in case a battery is evaluated 100 amp hours, you should just utilize 80 amp-hours. Yet, producers prompt against going underneath 45% assuming you need longer timeframe of realistic usability. Because of these highlights, deep cycle batteries are awesome for planetary groups.

The Battery-Charging Process

Since batteries are the supply of the sun powered energy your boards ingest, the higher their ability, the better. Aside from your boards, you require a sun powered charge regulator and an inverter to set up your planetary group.

The benefit of having batteries as a feature of your planetary group is that you can store any overabundance. Just when your batteries are full will the power be sent back to the lattice.

Interface your sun powered charger to a charge regulator. Its work is to direct the measure of energy put away in your batteries, forestalling cheating. Basically, charge regulators hold batteries within proper limits, and should they become excessively drained, it stops the framework.

You should be considering what an inverter does. It's associated with a battery to change over DC energy from the boards to AC energy.

What Might Be Said About Amp-Hours?

You can utilize this rating to tell how much current a battery is giving each hour. Producers rate each profound cycle battery as far as amp-hours. Ordinarily, producers show it on the battery or as a component of the business data. For instance, assuming you have a 100Ah battery, it can deliver 20 amps for five hours or five amps for 20 hours.

In this way, what number of amps would it be a good idea for you to anticipate from a 100-watt board? By and large, a 100W board can deliver six amp hours.

For example, assuming that you have a 12v battery for which you really want to supplant 100Ah of charge and you have six hours of daylight day by day, you'll need:

100Ah x 12v = 1200Wh

1200Wh/6 hours of daylight = 200W

Accordingly, you really want to purchase sunlight based chargers that produce north of 200 watts.

All in all, imagine a scenario in which you need to charge a 200Ah battery. It implies you will require three sun powered chargers, each 100 watts. Then again, you could get one 300-watt board.

For what reason do you want a more broad board? For example, in the 200Ah case, just 80% of your battery can be put to utilize, which means you have 160Ah. Subsequently, as per your evaluations, on the off chance that this energy keeps going two days, you really want 80Ah day by day.

If a 100-watt solar panels gives you 30Ah for five hours in a day, it implies you want no under three boards to control up your utilities.

What Are The Conditions To Recharge A Battery?

The normal working temperature of most batteries is somewhere in the range of 72°F and 77°F.

Additionally, beneath 80°F, batteries lose 10% of their ability for each 20°F. When the temperature goes underneath 80°F, there is brief opposition, and the limit drops. Additionally, run after acknowledgment likewise goes.


Lead Acid




Specific Energy Density (Wh/kg)





Life Cycle (80% capacity)





Overcharge Tolerance


very low



Self-discharge / Month(room temp)





Charge Temperature

-20 to 50°C
-4 to 122°F

0 to 45°C
32 to 113°F

0 to 45°C
32 to 113°F

0 to 45°C
32 to 113°F

Discharge Temperature

-20 to 50°C
-4 to 122°F

-20 to 60°C
-4 to 140°F

20 to 65°C
-4 to 149°F

20 to 65°C
-4 to 149°F

Maintenance Requirement

3-6 Months

not required

30 to 60 days

60 to 90 days


Very High


Very High


Interfacing Your Panel To The Battery

In the first place, you interface the board to a controller. Then, at that point, interface the controller to a battery. You likely have no clue about how to do this. Fret not. Boards and controllers accompany directions on the best way to introduce them. However long you recall the initial step referenced above, follow the producer's bit by bit guide.

In an optimal circumstance, your board should confront direct daylight. A 45-degree point works fine and dandy when setting up the board. However, recall, sun powered chargers can charge without direct daylight. They boost the beams they get in a day.

How Would You Accuse Batteries of Solar Panels?

Solar panels store the energy that is gathered from your sunlight powered chargers. The higher your battery's ability, the more sun based energy it can store. To utilize batteries as a component of your sun based establishment, you really want sunlight powered chargers, a charge regulator, and an inverter.

When utilizing batteries for sunlight based chargers as a component of a home nearby planet group, you're ready to store the overabundance power your boards produce as opposed to sending that energy back into the network. Power will be shipped off the matrix assuming that your batteries are completely energized and your boards are as yet creating energy.

Your solar panels will initially should be associated with a charge regulator which will assist with checking how much energy is put away in the batteries to forestall cheating. Charge regulators will likewise close down a framework in case the batteries become excessively drained. Prior to controlling your apparatuses, your batteries should be associated with an inverter to change over the DC energy gathered from sun powered chargers and changed over to AC energy.