1000W Wind Pure Sine Wave DC22-65V/45-90V Input MPPT Grid Tie Power Inverter for Wind Turbines AC110V/230VOutput Cooling Fans

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1000W Wind Pure Sine Wave MPPT Grid Tie Power Inverter for Wind Turbines AC22-65V/45-90V Input to AC110V/230V Output Cooling Fans



This Grid Tie Power Inverter is the world ’ s most technologically advanced inverter for use in utility-interactive applications. This manual details the safe installation and opera-tion of the Grid Tie Inverter.

This integrated system maximizes energy harvest, increases system reliability, and implifies design, installation and management.

The small type wind grid tie power inverter can obtain the wind energy from wind turbine, and can tie to the grid through its output cables with no extra equipment. The installation is very convenient and reliable.
We call the system combining with small grid tie inverter and wind turbine as ‘SGWT’. The system includes wind turbine and small grid tie inverter and installation kit, and some “SGWT”also will include controller, dump load resistor.
The inverter can be connected to any outlets of utility grid at house. The small grid tie inverter monitors the volume, frequency and phase of the home utility grid, then produce pure sine wave AC power that the frequency and phase are as same as the grid's, and the volume is a bit higher than the grid's, then according to the current controlled PWM, to control the output power to the grid. The small grid tie inverter just puts out power when the home grid is on.When the wind turbine is rotating, and the output of the voltage is in the range of the rated input voltage of the inverter, the wind turbine will produces power, and the grid tie inverter will change the power from wind turbine to the home grid. When the total power of electric apparatus that are using in the house is larger than the output power of the inverters, these power from the inverters will be consumed in the house, this will slow down  the power meter,otherwise, the difference of the output power of the inverter between the total used power of the apparatus will go out from the house to the out grid.
YW-1000G 6

If you want to purchase dump Load Resistor ,Please check the link to purchase it 


Connection :

YW-1000G 7

Connecting two 1000W Inverter with a max. power is 2KW wind turbine

YW-1000G 8

 Grid Tie Power System to Three Phases Utility Grid


YW-1000G 9


Technical Data:

Input Data

Input Voltage Range


Max input AC voltage


Peak power tracking voltage


Output Data

Max output power


Nominal Voltage

 110vac/230vac auto sensing

Nominal Voltage Range


Frequency Range

 47.5-51.5 for 50hz;  59.3-60.5 for 60hz                                

Power Factor


Output Waveform

 Pure sine wave

Characteristic Data

MPPT Efficiency


Over current protection


Over temperature protection


Reverse polarity protection


Anti-island protection



Just for AC output

Operating temperature range

-20 °C --- +50 °C

Inverter inside temperature

-20 °C --- +85 °C

Current THD


Voltage THD






Peak Inverter Efficiency



2 years


Display Instruction:


The Inverter display can show many information,The main interface of the display and the icons explainations are show above.

Set Menu: Choose the set menu icon on the main screen interface,click the confirm button to enter into the interface show below,In this interface,can set the LCD backlight always on or auto turn off backlight after 3 minutes no action.

The inverter also integrate with internal limiter and external limiter function which can prevent excess power from going to the public grid.Select the internal limiter mode,inverter will work under limiter mode,output power of the inverter will be determined by load power.Select the external limiter mode,inverter need a external limiter module working with it.For more details about the limiter function,pls contact supplier.





-WALYW-1000G 2

Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 6.5kg (14.33lb.)
  • Package Size: 33cm x 20cm x 9cm (12.99in x 7.87in x 3.54in)


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